"Fun and motivating environment and great physical fitness for my kids."

"Calo loves it! He stayed with it long enough and consistently for the last sessions that he was able to notice that his arms had gotten stronger! Anthony, Dominick and Ivan are great people. They make you feel comfortable and welcome. There is a real community here that we are pleased to now be a part of."

"Kayln really enjoyed the program. Her interest in staying fit and healthy has increased. She also really enjoyed the activities she did there and proud to show family and friends the new skills and techniques she learned. I'd definitely say her confidence has increased! Thank you!"

"She has more energy, is more alert and she enjoys boxing. Thank you for this experience she was able to receive."

"My child was just a beginner but I see they've working on discipline and self development with him. He seems more confident and patient."

"I have seen my son's attitude become better because of his involement....my son seems more disciplined because of it! I truly what to thank your program for taking the time with my child!"

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